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Oxy Mask - Tablets

  • Maintenance of adequate level of oxygen in pond water is very important to shrimp growth and survival. Prolonged exposure to lower concentration of oxygen in ponds or sudden depression of oxygen levels (anoxia) leads to mass mortality of shrimp or stunted growth and also decreases the disease resistance

  • OXYMASK is the best solution to maintain optimum oxygen level. At night both plants and animals continue to respire.In such instances, the respiratory demand causes total depletion of oxygen especially at daybreak may lead to anoxia.oxymask reduce the intensity of anoxia.

  • OXYMASK has more diffusion rate,high exchange rate and an advanced dissolved oxygen technology providing higher content of available Dissolved oxygen (D.0), at a higher dissolution rate into the water with high stability.

Indications :

  • Speed recovery of oxygen levels during severe DO drops.

  • Easy to administrate in to pond.

  • Helpful in high stock densities and avoid mass mortality.

  • Detoxifies noxious gases and eliminate black soil in pond bottom .

  • Provide favourable conditions to prawn and fish.

  • Specially selected disintegrating agents helps in rapid action and also for prolonged action.

Composition :

Sodium Percarbonate
mixture of oxygen releasing compounds in tablet form


1 kg per acre or adviced by aqua physician

Presentaion :

2 KG, 5KG HDPE tins