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PROSCOTT - Water and Soil Probiotic

  • Aquaculture is the world's fastest growing food production sector. However, fish and prawn culture is currently suffering from serious losses due to infectious disease. PROSCOTT is multistrain probiotics for environment — friendly sustainable aquaculture. The benefits of proscott is inhibition of pathogenic micro organisms and increase immune response.

  • Proscott strains are harmless bacteria that help the well being of the host animal and contribute directly or indirectly to protect the host animal against harmful bacterial pathogens. Proscott contain concentrated viable bacteria for sludge control and plankton stabilization in aquaculture ponds, proscott helps in prevention and treatment of Vibrio and other bacterial diseases and helps in prevention of White spot virus, Yellow head virus and other viruses in aquaculture ponds,

Indications :

  • Proscott has very high ability for biodegradation, mineralization and works as a preventative strategy.

  • Reduce black soil formation and enhances the natural nitrification and denitrification cycles.

  • Improves water coloration there by improving water quality

  • Proscott eliminates malodourous in the pond as well as geosmin.

  • Proscott has their exceptional ability to degrade hydrophobic pollutants.

  • Reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC) responsible for the odour, there by acting as deodorant.

  • Proscott strains competite with dangerous microbes (bacteria, fungi) for food.

  • Direct inhibition of growth of pathogenic microbes including luminous and other Vibrio species.

  • Proscott takes effect as a feed supplement by promoting the growth of healthy phyto / zoo plankton.

  • Proscott should be used from the beginning of the crop cycle to achieve best results.

Composition :

Soil Based Organisms (SBOs) and water based probiotics


Application --> 10-25 pl/M2 Black Tiger or <80p1/M2 White Shrimp --> >25 pl/M2 Black Tiger or >80p1/M2 White Shrimp

7 days before culture stocking --> 500 - 1000 gms --> 1000 -1500 gms

Days of Stocking --> 250 - 500gms --> 500 - 1000gms

Every 7-10days after culture Stocking --> 250 - 500gms --> 500 - 1000gms

(or) as advised by aqua consultant in feed lgm / lkg

Presentaion :

500gms HDPE tin