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ODO FREEZE - Pond Deodorizer


  • Reduces and absorbs ammonia and noxious gases

  • Removes nitrites, nitrates in the pond.

  • Detoxifiles pond water and pond bottom

  • Detoxifiles pond water and pond bottom

  • Accelerates the break down of organic waste by directly

  • Works as a conditioning agent because of its ability to lower ammonia and nitrate levels.

  • Reduces BOD from the pond and improves DO .

  • Act as a feed suppliment by enhancing the population of phytoplankton a zooplankton.

  • Effectively works at high range of salinity & Ph.

Composition :

High concentration of yucca schidigera extract and blend of probiotic stains.


Mix require quantity of product with wet sand and apply over the pond. Mix required quantity of product with clean water and mix well in the feed before feeding.


FOR SHRIMP : 500 gms/acera. With feed: 10gms/kg only in high ammonia condition.

FOR FISH : 200gms/acre, with feed :1kg/tone feed (or) as directed-by the aqua consultant.

Presentaion :

200gms, 500gms, 1kg.