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LIVGUARD - Liver Tonic

  • It contains essential fatty acids vitamins and essential moulting accelerating substances.

  • Improve health of hepato pancreas and other vital organs

  • Increase the steroid harmone concentration in Hemolymph which is helpful for increasing moulting rate.

  • It meets the shrimp /fish nutrional requirements.

  • It allows speed growth and weight increase.

  • Speed up the utilization of glucose for chitin bio synthesis.

  • Achives better survival, moulting frequency and best growth.

  • Because of its feed attractant base (cod liver oil) increase feed intake.

Composition :

Cod liver oil. Vitamins, macro and micro elements.


5-10 ml/kg feed or as directed by the aqua consultant.

Presentaion :

5 Lt.

Aqua Feed Supplement:

Not for Human Use