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ODO FREEZE - POND Deodorizer


  • Detoxifies pond water and pond bottom.

  • Reduces and absorbs ammonia and noxious gases.

  • Removes nitrates,nitrates in the pond.

  • Increases survival rate and gives instant relief to prawn and fish.

  • Accelerates the break down of organic waste by directly.

  • Works as a conditioning agent because of its ability to lower ammonia and nitrate levels.

  • Reduces BOD from the pond and improves DO

  • Reduces frequent water exchange.

  • Acts as a feed suppliment by enhancing the population of phytoplankton & Zooplankton.

  • Effectively works at high range of salinity & Ph.


High concentration of yucca schidigera extract and blend of probiotic stains.

Instruction For Use:

  • Mix require quantity of product with wet sand and aply over the pond.

  • Mix required quantity of product with clean water and mix well in the feed before feeding


  • For shrimp:500 gms/acre. With feed:10grms/kg only in high ammonia condition.

  • For Fish:200 gms/acre,with feed:1kg/tone feed (or) as directed by the aqua consultant.


250 gms,500gms,1kg.



  • Our Superior GRAS strains should have high survival rate & exposure passage through intestinal tract establishing a niche.

  • Reduces ph which is prohibits growth of pathogenic microorgnisms.

  • Strains attach & colonize on intestinal wall thus prevent pathogenic microorganisms.

  • Produces anti enterotoxins like acidolin,acidophilin & lactin.

  • Prevents de-amination & shows anti biosis.

  • Stimulates appetite and improves nutrition.

  • Microbar improves FCR.

  • Produces enzymes like protease,amylase,lipase & phytase.

  • Microbar increases utilization and digestion of carbohydrates,proteins 7 fat.

  • Increase bioavailability of Ca+,P+.Mg and Zn+ from all diets.

  • Modulate either innate or acquired immunity or both.


Mixture of probiotics,prebiotics,enzymes & vitamins.


3 X 109 cfu / gm

Instruction For Use

  • Take required amount of the product for application.

  • Mix with feed.


  • For shrimp:1Kg/ton of feed.

  • For fish:500 gms/ton of feed (or) Directed by the aqua consultant


250 gms, 500gms, 1kg.